About us

The connection between producers and end users of liquid dairy (by)products

Baks Agri Foods is part of the Baks Group. All companies within the Baks Group have a strong relationship with the agro business and food industry. Every individual company focuses on production, sales or transportation of foodstuffs for humans and animals.

Baks Agri Foods is an independent trading company that positions itself between industrial producers and end-users of liquid dairy (by) products. These end-users are mainly animal orientated and are livestock farms, animal feed production mills or bio-energy companies.

In 2008 Baks Agri Foods was founded to separate the trading and logistic activities from Baks Logistics. Thanks to the increased focus on the trade activities Baks Agri Foods grew significantly and became market leader of liquid dairy byproducts in the Netherlands.

Nowadays Baks Agri Foods has its own storage facility to accommodate the difference between supply and demand of liquid dairy products.


Baks Agri Foods is dedicated to become the perfect link between industrial producers and end-users of liquid dairy products in Europe. We use a secured and certified quality system. Baks Agri Foods is ISO, GMP+ and QS certified and is also a member of SecureFeed.