Qualitative liquid dairy (by) products at a favorable price. We deliver fast and efficiently!

Baks Agri Foods supplies a wide assortment of liquid diary (by) products in close collaboration with our sister company Baks Logistics. Through this partnership we are able to deliver all liquid diary products fast, efficient and at a good price.

All our diary products are additional products that originate from the production of A-grade foodstuffs. Because of these different well-known food producers we are able to supply a consistent and high-quality product range at low costs.

For all product related information we offer a product information brochure, please follow the link below.
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Discover our possibilities and read more about the application of our products in livestock farming (pigs and veal calves), animal feed industry and the bio-energy sector.

We are constantly looking for new suppliers to expand our product assortment. We offer interesting services so your production is not interrupted. We have our own tank storage facility to accommodate the difference between supply and demand. Please contact us for more information.

Pig farming

Liquid co-products can reduce the costs for your company considerably. Baks Agri Foods offers a wide range of co-products from the dairy industry. Our most important products are: sweet whey, whey for animal feeds, whey concentrates and permeates, animal feed milk and many more. These products are tasty, digestible, healthy and also financially attractive. In the long run the use of (dairy) co-products leads to a better return for the pig breeder.

Because of our long experience we know the market developments for liquid co-products and are able to offer a profound advice.


Veal Calf production

In the veal calf sector there is a growing interest in liquid raw materials that can be used as milk replacements for calves. The use of liquid food can be economically interesting as you can save on transport, drinking water and drying costs (after all no milk powder has to be made).

Baks Agri Food can supply a number of products that fits into a diet for young veal calves. Some of the products we offer are: (Sweet) whey concentrate, whey permeate and concentrated curd-whey.

Please contact us for more product information and product advice.


Feed production

We deliver various raw materials for compound feed mills which can serve as pressing auxiliary matter, moisture regulator and as a binding agent. These concentrated high sugar liquids from the dairy industry can (in part) serve as substitutes for molasses or vinasse. Of course we will give you a sound advice or more information about the various possibilities to use our products.

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Bio Energy

Some products are very suitable for the production of bio energy. They are often applied as co-substrates in biogas installations. Biogas, which is set free during fermentation, can be used as fuel in combined heat and power units (CHP). A CHP produces energy in the form of heat and electricity. We offer several products that can regularly be used for fermentation.