Baks Agri Foods participant of SecureFeed

Baks Agri Foods became a certified participant for SecureFeed on the 25th of Augustus 2015.

In the previous weeks the commission of SecureFeed visited our company and subjected Baks Agri Foods to an audit. The two subjects that were investigated thoroughly are:
1. The documentation/physical audit at our facility
2. Investigation of positive verified supplier-product combinations according to the SecureFeed regulations

Together with all SecureFeed participants regulations and precautionary measures are discussed and implemented to design a system for monitoring and assess risks for animal feed products.

New regulations for animal feed suppliers per 1 January 2016

The Dutch dairy sector is also submitted to increasing regulations. As the biggest producer of dairy products, the Dutch dairy industry wants to ensure top quality products throughout the world. Therefor new regulations will be valid as of 1 January 2016.

As an important partner in the dairy industry, Baks Agri Foods has to fulfill these new regulations.
The new regulations for all animal feed related suppliers include:

  • Participate in the SecureFeed program with all relevant business activities
  • Obtain a GMP+, FSA or other equal certificate
  • Obtain a product responsibility insurance which meets all requirement

It is the responsibility of the purchasers of dairy products to buy only products from certified suppliers.

As we meet all above mentioned regulations we are able to keep supplying you as our customer.